Dow Jones Index technical analysis American financial market forecasts

dow jones index

Dow Jones Index technical analysis American financial market forecasts

US financial market and Dow Jones trend forecasts, using the technique of the American trader W.D. Gann.

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Down Jones Index mounthly september 2019

Dow Jones Index medium term analysis and forecasts

Since January 2018 Dow Jones Index has lost the ascending directionality that had characterized the entire previous period, since November 2016.

From February of last year the American financial market has alternated quotations between 26.600 and 26.900 and 23.360-24.000 points.

The 2018 distribution ended with the first over-balance in December 2018.

In that period, in fact, the 1X1 support angle shown in red on the slide has been broken downwards: Dow Jones market has reached a quotation of 24,268 points, reaching the lower angular support.

Since January 2019 there has been a strong prices recovery with a very fast growth angle, up to the achievement to a third top at level 27,398 in July 2019.

Temporal signals in this market are very rare. The last past expired in May and June 2019 first have reversed the market directionality in a negative sense and subsequently has restored a new medium-term positive course.

The next important expiring temporal cycle is in September 2019.

Reaching 27.205 points will confirm Dow Jones ongoing positive recovery. First resistances: 28,000; 29,000.

The infringement of 25.310 points will restore a new correction start: supports at 25,900; 24440.

Dow Jones technical analysis medium and long term

dow jones index technical analysis
Dow Jones index quarterly september 2019

As it is clearly visible in the slide, the over-balance of the last quarter of 2018 has indicated the end of the laterality and the beginning of a long-term correction.

However, the maximum and minimum of 2018-2019 period are well placed along the 1X1 ascending angles.

The second quarter of 2019 with the reversal of the swing chart has indicated the positive return of the Dow Jones, confirmed also in the third quarter.

Only the return below level 24.630 would indicate the birth of a new negative season in the American market.

Resistances at level 30,400.

Dow Jones Index analysis was carried out thanks to the Top Trader© Stock Exchange software.