German Stock Exchange forecasts Dax Index technical analysis


German Stock Exchange forecasts Dax Index technical analysis

German Stock Exchange Dax Index forecasts through Gann’s temporal cycles.

Dax forecast
Dax Index mounthly september 2019

Stock Exchange Dax Index medium term forecasts

The ascending corridor consisting of the 1X2 angles from March 2003 minimum and from March 2009 minimum well describe the evolutionary dynamics of medium-term bullish trend of German market (highlighted in yellow on the slide).

From the maximum of January 2018, Dax Index is going for the second time on the time/price vector of the 1X2 corner (upper part of the corridor) and has begun to correct.

The 1X1 ascending angle with origin on February 2016 minimum has supported the German Stock Exchange quotations in the period between March and August 2018, to then be broken in September 2018: the quotations has continued the corrective phase reaching in November 2018 the base of the ascending corridor to level 10.279.

With the expiration of February 201 temporal Set Up, the German Index has restarted a new ascending phase.

The exchanges have progressively increased the quotations, reaching the 1X4 descending angular resistance with origin the top of January 2018 to level 12.656 (violet colored on the slide).

In the period between May and August 2019, the exchange of stock quotations has undergone a strong phase of contrast.

Various temporal cycles have expired in succession during these months, creating continuous trend reversal.

German Stock Exchange Forecasts: if the market reaches level 12.285, it will re-establish a new positive trend, with first resistances at 12.400; 12.670.

The other way around, the continuation of trading below level 11.230 will confirm the current corrective trend. First supports at 11.200; 10.970.

Dax Index technical analysis medium and long term

Dax Index technical analysis
Dax Index quarterly september 2019

Even in the long period the Gann angles clearly identify the ascending corridor of Dax Index.

The 1X2 angles relative to the minimum of the first quarter of 2003, first quarter of 2009, and the maximum of the third quarter of 2007 delimit the ascending evolution of the trend in all positive and negative moments (yellow colored in the slide).

The exit from the mini-corridor created by the 1X1 corners, which is red colored on the slide, has initiated a correction rejected by the angular support, which constitutes the lower base of the greater corridor.

The cyclical and technical analysis was carried out thanks to Top Trader© Stock Exchange software.

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