Eur Usd exchange rate forecast today using Gann’s technique


Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast today

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast today in the short and medium term through the time cycles of W.D. Gann.

Euro Dollar forecast
Euro Dollar weekly 07.10.20

Euro Dollar exchange rate weekly forecast

The period of late February and early March has been characterized by an important change in the Euro Dollar market dynamics.

Based on the medium-term time signal that expired in March 2020, we have observed an increase in the implied volatility of the options that had long been stationed on record lows of the past fifteen years.

This increase in weekly returns has quickly brought the prices on the 1X4 descending angular resistance with origin the top of February 2018 in area 1.1490.

However, the point of origin of a new Bull Campaign is always characterized by momentary uncertainties and phases of further laterality.

In reaction to the strong corrective action occurred the following week of March 13 Euro dynamics has been lateral, creating a new “floor” from which stand out an upward directional phase.

In recent reports we have drawn attention to the temporal signal of May 29, from which in fact the Forex Euro Dollar market has left the laterality of April and early May, to reach again the angular resistance already tested in March.

The Top Trader © program radiates this purple resistance, visible on the slide just above.

Again the driving force has found an important obstacle, but this time we have not had a violent correction, as 1X1 angular supports are maintaining the quotations on their natural price-time in 1.1240 area.

The week of July 17th is characterized by an important expiring signal.

Let’s watch the next price-time targets on video with various resistances and angular supports.

Euro Dollar medium term trend

usd eur forecast
euro dollar monthly july 2020

In the medium-term dynamics, it could better understood how the last negative phase has been stopped between February-March of this year.

The 1X2 Zero angle irradiated by the software in yellow together with the 1X1 Zero angle (shown in the photos of red color) has absorbed the latest corrective forces that have characterized the dynamics of Euro in 2019.

Monthly closures from March onwards have always been above these dynamic support levels and monthly returns have been on natural drift .

The month of July 2020 is monthly Set Up. On the basis of how the price dynamics will end during this month it will be even clearer if the positive trend in the short term will be confirmed also in the medium term.

First resistances area 1.15; next at 1.1940.

The technical article of Euro Dollar dynamics through the cycles of W.D. Gann is realized thanks to Top Trader© software.

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