Financial markets forecast 2020 Future Dow Jones with Gann’s cycles

american market today

Financial markets forecast 2020 Future Dow Jones today

Financial markets forecast 2020 by the cyclical theory of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Financial markets forecasts 2020
Dow Jones Index Monthly july 20

American markets today: analysis of medium-term

Since March 2009 the American market Index Dow Jones has started a bull-campaign with very strong returns over the previous decade.

The 1X1 Zero angular vector in conjunction with the minimum of October 2002 has formed the upper base of the bullish corridor, represented in the photo by the red vector.

The Zero angle, coinciding with the minimum of September 2001, has constituted the tolerance above the upper base.

While the 1X1 ascending angle from the bottom of March 2009 has formed the lower base of the corridor: this angle is also illustrated in red.

During the dynamic evolution of prices, Dow Jones Index has repeatedly impacted the trajectory of these vectors illustrated by the software with the color red, identifying the progress of the bull-campaign.

In particular, in the period of October 2011 and August 2015, the price-time of the American market has reached its natural drift, finding the shove for a new positive acceleration .

In December 2018 the American Index has recorded a third important minimum from which is started a sudden propulsive recovery that has brought prices from 21,712 area in December 2018 to 29,568 points in February 2020.

In March 2020, following a bearish out-side occurred last February, exchanges have broken down this angular vector that had supported the medium and long-term up trend of Dow Jones in the last decade.

The minimum of March 2020 has reached the next angular support, Zero angle, in conjunction with the top of October 2007.

Dow Jones medium term forecast

dow jones forecast
dow Jones Index quarterly july 2020

The violent correction started in February has led the Dow Jones to reach a minimum of 18,213 in March, that is a price level observed at the end of 2016.

At this juncture the price-time has gone through a very steep negative angle, greatly compressing the size of the price despite of time: in fact, prices have had a negative acceleration of eight times their natural trend.

The impact on the Zero angle has created the conditions for a technical pull-back, bringing suddenly the market on its drift naturally, reaching 27,580 share in June.

In the photo this level is represented by the descending vector with origins in February 2020.

The prerequisite for a negative reversal is the June minimum, as it coincides with several monthly Set Up.

The negative infraction of 24,810 will indicate a new negative lateral trend. Supports at 23,690; 22,300. Resistances at 26.780.

Financial markets Dow Jones Index medium and long term

In the first quarter of 2020 it is clear the important US market correction, whose minimum has been intercepted by 1X2 Zero angle visible with yellow vector and the closure of the candle from the Zero angle of red color.

In early July, the 1X1 Zero angular vector, traced in conjunction with the candle of December 2007, is going to generate an important resistance to the positive retracement of Dow Jones.

Dynamic supports at share 23.300; 19,290.

The Dow Jones Index technical framework has been created thanks to the use of Top Trader© Stock Exchange software.


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