Eur Usd market Forex technical analysis 05-2019 forecasts

Eur Usd market technical analysis

Eur Usd market Forex technical analysis

Eur Usd market Forex technical analysis today forecasts using the time cycles of W.D. Gann.

Eur Usd market technical analysis
Eur Usd monthly 2019 february

Eur Usd market Forex medium term forecasts

The competing forces that generated the down trend since February 2018 in symbiosis with the time cycle relating to the Minimum Square expired in October 2018 have denied the Euro positive reaction occurred last September.

The negative reversal of the swing chart in October indicated the continuation of the corrective trend that lasted until last November and it touched the 1 X 2 upwards dynamic support at 1.1213.

As indicated several times the key month to understand whether the mid-term correction was exhausted was December 2018, due to the convergence of numerous time cycles.

The month of December ended inside, during the month of November, that witness the strong price compression that evolved between 1.12 and 1.15 area.

The accumulation phase seemed exhausted with the bullish break of 1.1530 in January. The violation of this level demonstrates the intention of new psychological masses of investors to attenuate short positions on the Euro.

However, since the beginning of February 2019, we are witnessing continuous days with negative closures. Euro tries to force the 1 X 2 angular support at 1.1260, on the lows of last December, and the Dollar Index has recovered the negative monthly infringement of January 2019.

The key level for the new inversion of the European currency dynamics remains at 1.1160. However, this level will indicate a negative lateral directionality with respect to the current positive lateral one.

As long as the currency remains above such quotation without violating it, the trend will remain positive lateral.

Let’s look at the quarterly trend.

Eur Usd market Forex forecasts: quarterly

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Eur Usd quarterly 2019 february


In the last quarter of 2018 the single currency reached a minimum on the 1 X 1 Zero corner to close quotations above the 1 X 1 rising angle.

In the first quarter the Euro prices try to force this dynamic supports. Although the achievement of 1.1160 level would reverse, from a technical point of view, the positive laterality, the two angular supports just mentioned have a greater tolerance and before recognizing them as definitively broken down, we will have to wait at least a level of quotation at 1.11 level.

Next static supports at 1.12; 1.1160. Dynamic supports at 1.11.

Next monthly Set Up April 2019

The cyclical analysis of Euro Dollar market was carried out using the Top Trader free software.