German market forecasts Dax Index analysis up to august 2019

stock market forecast

German market forecasts Dax Index analysis

German market forecasts Dax Index analysis through W.D. Gann’s theory

German market forecasts
Dax Index june 2019

German market forecasts Dax index analysis: monthly

Since last year February German market has started an important corrective trend.

The ascending dynamic support (the yellow-colored vector in the slide) has hindered this descent from April to August of 2018, maintaining Dax’s trend in a positive lateral dynamics.

From October 2018, with the bearish break of this angular support, the German Index resumed its negative movement until it reached a new important angular obstacle between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 (described in blue in the photo). These 1 X 4 corners originate from the lows of March 2009 and September 2011.

The month of February 2019 coincided with important cyclical expirations (Maximum Square and Range Square), which indicated a new positive trend in the medium term. In particular, the bullish break of 11.720 level indicated the birth of this new phase in German market, which reported prices at the beginning of last May on the downward resistance, at 12,435 level (blue descending vector).

Next time cycle in expiration will be in June and August 2019.

If we based on price movements within these two months we will better understand if this bullish trend is only technical or if it will be the start of a new season of rises.

Nowadays, the negative infringement of 11,630 occurred in early June has again negatively turned the medium term trend. However, during the June Set Up period, quotations returned to their highest levels of the month, trying to achieve a bullish outside, as happened in American markets.

Therefore the return of quotations below 11,600 will indicate the corrective trend confirmation.

First supports at 11.390 level.

Angular resistances at 12,500; 13,000.

Dax Quarterly Forecasts:

Dax index analysis
Dax Index quarterly june 2019

Even in the quarterly time frame we can see how Dax Index has turned the swing chart positively. The propulsive force slowed down on the 1 X 2 descending angular resistance.

Supports at 10,700; additional resistances in 13,000 area.

The technical analysis of the Dax Index using W.D.Gann’s theory was carried out thanks to the Top Trader© free software. 

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