Euro Dollar exchange forecast 2022 trend and Forex technical analysis

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Euro Dollar exchange forecast 2022

Exchange Euro Dollar forecast 2022 analysis and trading and Forex signals using the W.D. Gann technique.

Euro dollar forecast 2022
Eur/Usd weekly

Eur Usd short term forecast

The denial of the lows generated by the rebound in the weeks of last August 20-27 in the 1.17 area accelerated the corrective phase of the Euro Dollar.

The force of the negative dynamics has in fact broken down the various dynamic and static supports, until reaching the quotations of the 1X1 descending angle in the last week of last November. That angle is visible in the photo in red.

As long as the prices remained above 1.17-1.1660, the trend of the Euro market could wish for the birth of a new upward phase that would bring the values of the single currency back to the highs of the beginning of the year.

However, the abandonment of the bullish corridor in early July, which was based on the 1X2 upward angle radiated by the software in yellow, and the bearish break during the weekly Set Up on September 17th resulted in the negative acceleration.

This corrective movement pushed the prices up to the 1.1180 area on the 1X1 angle radiated in red.

The horizontal lines visible on the slide indicate the various static octave supports.

As you can see, the quotes are alternating within these static octaves.

The weekly Set Up expiring the week of December 24 will be decisive in the short term dynamics for January 2022.

Let’s observe in the short video the various trend reversal points and the additional static and dynamic supports and resistances.

Medium term Forex technical analysis

Eur/Usd forecast 2022
Euro Dollar monthly

As can be seen in the photo above, since the expiry of the monthly cycle of June 2021, the Euro Dollar market has reversed the medium term negative trend, maintaining this dynamics until last November.

The 1X2 Angle Zero support – radiated by the software with yellow ascending vectors – triggered together with the monthly Set Up of March 2020 the previous Bull-Campaign, bringing the prices from area 1.06 to 1.2350 last January.

The negative infringement of this support during the monthly Set Up of August 2021 brought the prices to the following Zero angles.

In particular, we can observe how the November low and the current December prices are in the values of this angular support.

Next expiring Forex cycle coincides with December 2021.

The positive infringement by the Euro of the December top in January 2022 will indicate the new upward recovery of the medium term trend of the single currency for the next year.

Euro Dollar exchange quarterly forecast

Euro Dollar exchange forecast 2022
euro dollar quarterly 2021 december

In the long-term dynamics, the third quarter of 2021 marked the return to a negative phase, also confirmed by the last quarter of this year.

However, although the 1X4 descending angle has rejected the propulsive force triggered in 2020 (visible as a downward-sloping purple vector), it is also true that the 1X4 ascending dynamic supports radiated in purple are holding back the ongoing correction.

So it appears evident that the long term trend is lateral with positive lateral phases alternating with negative ones.

Euro Dollar trend through Forex signals

Forex signals, indicated in the Gann technique with the term “Set Up”, are relevant for a profitable financial speculation.

These signals, in fact, are obtained from the relationship of three dimensions that are the price-time-volume, among which Gann has given primary importance to time.

In the mathematical-geometric model the various time cycles are identified, which the economist associated with the geometric figure of the square, whose lateral extension could be obtained dynamically or by means of predefined temporal units.

The Top Trader © Stock Exchange software helps the investor or trader to easily apply the economist theory both to create the technical framework of any listed stock and to irradiate the various Gann squares.

It is also possible to study all those speculative and hedging strategies with the software through the Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options.


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