Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast analysis technique 2022 January

euro dollar forecast 2022

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast today

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast in the short, medium and long term through the technique of the American economist W.D. Gann.

euro dollar forecast 2022
Eur/Usd 2022 weekly

Euro Dollar forecast in the weekly time frame

From the weekly Set Up of 28 May – 06 April 2021, the Euro Dollar market reversed the negative dynamics, generating a corrective trend with increasingly robust returns in the following weeks.

Despite the temporal cycles expired in the week of 03 September and 22 October and the numerous angular and static supports, the trend of the single currency was downward until the beginning of December.

Since the beginning of last December, in the area of 1.1220, the price of the single currency has changed in lateral negative, interrupting the negative acceleration developed since the week of 29 October last.

Since the Set Up of 31 December, the Euro market is trying to re-establish a new upward phase.

This dynamic will have to be confirmed in the next week of January 14, in which numerous temporal cycles converge.

Let’s observe in the short video the various reversal points of the trend with the various angular supports and resistances.

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast for the next few months

euro dollaro analysis technique
Eur/usd 2022 monthly

The Euro Dollar trend is negative in the medium term.

The violation of the 1X2 Zero angle declared in the Set Up of August 2021 and subsequently in the month of September generated a strong negative acceleration that brought the prices of the single currency from 1.19 to 1.1180 area in the month of last November.

The monthly minimum of the November December 2022 Set Up was on the next Zero angle as indicated by the yellow vector in the slide just above.

Only a return above 1.1650 will indicate a change of directionality.

Upcoming resistances in the 1.1513 area. Supports in the 1.1050 area.

Quarterly Euro Dollar trend

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast
Eur/Usd 2022 quarterly

The long-term dynamics of the Eur/Usd Forex market is lateral, alternating in positive or negative lateral periods, as in these last quarters of 2021.

The 1X4 ascending and descending support and dynamic resistance radiated by the purple software, indicate the price / time ratio in which the prices undergo a change in the trend.

Upcoming resistances in the 1.18-1.22 area; upcoming supports in the 1.11-1.1050 area.

Stock Exchange software for trading

The report on the Euro Dollar market drawn up using the W.D. Gann technique was created using the  Top Trader Stock Exchange software©.

Through this software it is possible to concretely apply Gann’s theory on all financial markets.

By establishing the correct increase in the price-time ratio, the Gann angles can be irradiated to identify the trend and the various supports and dynamic resistances.

You can irradiate the Gann Squares and identify the Set Up to understand the temporal cycles that change the trend dynamics.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to view the various dynamic and static Pay-Offs if the Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options were used in the various strategies.

The software shows the values of the Greek and is provided with different models to follow the curvature of the implied volatility on the Option chain.

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