Exchange Euro Dollar Forex forecast March 2022 analysis and signals

analysis technic eur/Usd 2022

Exchange Euro Dollar forecast today and long term

Exchange Euro Dollar forecast and trend in the short, medium and long term through the analysis technique of W.D. Gann.

Historical Euro Dollar exchange and technical framework

Eur Usd forecast today 2022
Eur Usd weekly

Euro Dollar weekly forecast

In the week of March 11, the Euro Dollar market confirmed the short term negative dynamics indicated by the weekly Set Up of February 25 last.

Before the expiration of this last temporal cycle, the trend of the European currency was seeking for a new stability indicated from the weekly double swing of January 14, January 28 and February 4, 2022.

The negative breach of 1.1090, and therefore the bearish break of the 1X8 ascending support angle, visible in the photo by the blue ascending vector, has determined a further negative acceleration.

In the photo just above you can see a potential short-term descending corridor, in which the upper and lower sides are made up of the 1X2 angles, yellow colored.

The next dynamic and static supports are positioned in area 1.0726; 1.0610.

The return above 1.1150 will re-establish a positive lateral effect: resistances in the 1.1140 area.

Let’s see in the short video all the insights with the trend reversal levels.

Mid-term Eur Usd technical analysis

analysis Euro Dollaro 2022
Eur/Esd monthly

The medium-term trend of the Euro Dollar is negative since the Set Up of June 2021.

The 1X2 Zero angle that had supported the Up trend from March 2020 until June 2021 was definitively abandoned during the temporal cycle expired in August 2021.

In that period, the dynamics of the single currency has attempted a light pull-back, trying to return to the area of ​​the price-time ratio of this vector, but without success.

In fact, the following month the negative trend began to have increasingly robust returns, until reaching the area of ​​the next Zero angle at 1.1230 in November of the last year.

Also on that occasion the price-time ratio of the Euro Dollar has had a reaction with the formation of a laterality area that should have created the conditions for a more strong pull-back.

As seen in the previous reports, the monthly Set-ups that followed has led to a new negative acceleration.

In particular, in the last temporal cycle of March 2022 still in progress we have seen the bearish break of the 1X8 angular support and the previous Zero angle.

The price-time target of the Euro stands at 1.0690 in March. Supports at 1,740.

Long-term Euro Dollar trend

Exchange Euro Dollar forecast today
Eur/Usd quarterly

The long-term trend is still in an area of ​​negative laterality.

However, in this last quarterly Set Up the dynamics of the European currency are strengthening the negative returns and the angular supports have been broken to the downside.

The last remaining on the 1X16 angle is 1.0750.

The return below 1.0580 would inevitably lead to a major collapse of the European currency. Additional static supports 1.0350.

Forex Euro Dollar trading and signals

It has been dimostrated that the most recent external shocks generate a conditional variance over time.

If the distributions of the returns show leptocuric curves and the financial series are characterized by heteroskedasticity, new econometric models have identified linear models of returns, that is the returns are autocorrelated in an area defined as “cluster volatility”.

The geometric mathematical model of the American economist proposes to identify a Drift and a variance by means of an autocorrelation of linear returns by means of a specific binary scale ratio, since not the variance of prices is taken into consideration, but rather the ratio of two dimensions. that is the price-time.

At the same time, the American trader made an in-depth study on short and long-term economic cycles and discovered how within it we can identify sections in which the price-time ratio underwent radical changes.

The Top Trader© Stock Exchange software was created to make it possible for the investor or trader to create a technical framework for any financial security using the Gann technique and Hedging strategies using Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options.

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