Stock market forecast today analysis and trading of the Dax Index

Stock market forecast 2022

Stock market forecast today: analysis and trading of the Dax Index

Stock market forecast Frankfurt Stock Exchange: technical analysis of the short and long term Dax Index trend using W.D. Gann temporal cycles.

stock market forecast 2022
Dax Index weekly

Stock market forecast: German Index forecast today

Unlike other European or American indexes, the German stock market was characterized by a long laterality.

Observing the slide just above it can be seen how from the weekly period 18-25 June the prices have moved away from the 1X1 ascending angle, interrupting the bullish directional dynamics to start a lateral one.

The laterality was also from 25 June to 03 December 2021 at times positive, other times negative, oscillating between the two static octaves visible from the beige horizontal lines and the 1X2 ascending angular supports (area between 16,000 and 14,900).

In the weeks of November 26 – December 03, the short term correction was more directional and prices touched the new 1X2 dynamic support in the 15,000 area.

From the value of this angle, visible as an ascending vector of yellow color, the Dax Index has made a significant rebound.

In fact, the week of 10 December has coincided with a significant stock market signal, expiring at 90 weeks.

The short-term dynamics have been positively restored although the static resistances are again holding back the propulsive force in the 15,700 area.

For the week of December 17, the return above 15,865 will indicate the continuation of the short term positive trend: first resistances in the 16,500 area.

While with the return below 15.120 the Dax Index will still have a lateral dynamics. Supports at 15,240.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange trend 2021-2022

frankfurt stock exchange forecast
Dax Index monthly

Positive and negative laterality is best explained by observing the monthly time frame.

The two 1X1 Zero angles, visible in the photo above from ascending half-lines (in red on the upper side), hindered the course of the trend in a first period between April 2019 and February 2020 and subsequently in a second period from April 2021 to November 2021.

In both periods, the price-time ratio of the Dax Index, crossing the values of these Zero angles, caused a change in the trend: from directional bullish to lateral positive.

It can also be observed that in the first period the static Octaves, visible as horizontal lines in the area 13,400 and 12,800, have determined the end of the Up-trend.

In the second period the static resistances in the area 15.760 – 15470 are producing a similar effect, not of inversion but of slowing down the propulsive force.

The monthly September Set Up was breached upwards in November 2021.

The positive trend will have as further resistance in 2022 area 16,470.

While the return below 14.780 will indicate the birth of a new corrective course which will have as first support area 14.400.

Dax Index long term technical analysis

market trading online
Dax Index quarterly

The bullish corridor is clearly visible in the long-term trend.

In the last quarter of 2021 the German stock exchange arrived for the third time on the 1×2 median angle vector of the ascending channel, coinciding with the static octave in the 15,500 area.

The currently positive long term dynamics will have 16,600 as further resistance.

Only the return below 14.760 will determine a new negative trend reversal which will have 13.400 as additional support.


Trading on the stock exchange today

The Gann technique allows to identify the stock market signals for entry and exit from the market using a linear geometric mathematical model.

The various stock market cycles identified by the economist allow entry and exit from the market through precise angular price-time crossings called “Set Up”, which are placed within these time periods.

The Top Trader Stock Exchange Software was created to apply the theory of the US trader on all listed securities in a simple and immediate way.

In the platform the various utilities allow you to irradiate angles with a specific drift, various Squares and trigonometric set-ups.

The software also allows to use various hedging or speculative strategies with Plain Vanilla Options, thanks to the Black Scholes Merton model, so that the various static and dynamic payoffs can be obtained thanks to the use of the Greeks.

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