Financial Market Forecast: Dow Jones Index 2020 mediun and long term

financial market forecast

Financial Market Forecast: Dow Jones Index

Financial market forecast medium and long term Dow Jones Index through Gann cycles.

dow jones forecast
Dow Jones Index 01.20.20

American Stock Exchange Dow Jones Index today: medium term

The year 2019 was a recovery period for Dow Jones Index. In fact, from the low of December 2018 in which we witnessed the first over-balance of the American market, exchanges have gradually progressed towards the double top of January 2018 and October 2018 in area 26,950.

As shown in the slide just above, the minimum of November 2018 at level 24,268 has coincided with the angular supports of an ascending corridor both in the medium and long period of red color in the slide (1X1 angles).

From that minimum, the American stock exchange gradually regained its long-term natural value reaching in April-May 2019 the 1X1 ascending angle with origin in May 2011, in area 26,000, and achieving a triple top at level 26,600.

It is clearly visible in the photo that the 1X1 angle has supported prices until October 2019.

In fact between June and October of the last year we have witnessed a lateral phase. Only with the violation of the level related to the triple top, towards the end of last year, the market has indicated an acceleration for a further bullish phase.

In fact November-December 2019 have coincided with important monthly Set Up and have confirmed the positivity of the American Index in the medium term with the violation of area 28,730.

Next price-time targets are in area 29,800; 31,000.

The return below level 27,290 would restore a new negative lateral trend.

Financial Market Forecasts: Long-term Dow Jones Index

financial market forecast
Dow Jones Index Quarterly 01.27.20

In the medium term, the long-term ascending corridor consisting of 1X1 ascending angles is clearly visible.

The upper base of this corridor in the first quarter of 2012 and the last quarter of 2014 has curbed the ascending force of Dow Jones Index, as well as in the first and last quarter of 2018.

In the first quarter of 2020 the American market is once again attempting to break up the last 1X1 higher angular vector: next targets in area 32,000. Only the return below level 25,690 would deny the bullish breach attempt.

There are supports in area 27,320.

The analysis and forecasting report of financial markets about Dow Jones Index was realized using free Top Trader© software.

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