Stock market forecast today: Dax Index analysis 2020


Stock market forecast today: Dax Index analysis

Stock Market forecast today: Dax Index analysis using Gann’s technique.

Dax forecast
dax Index 01.23.2020

Medium-term German stock market forecasts

Since March 2003 the German stock exchange has been developing a price dynamics inscribed within an ascending channel in which the external and internal elements are described by 1X2 angular supports and resistances. (Yellow colored on the slide).

In particular, the angular vector originating from the minimum of March 2003 has shown the median of the corridor and hindered Dax Index prices in April 2015 in area 11.450 and in January 2018 in area 13.600.

Similarly, the angular vector with origin in the minimum of September 2011 has constituted the lower side of the corridor, creating a valid support both in February 2016 in area 8,700 and in December 2018 in area 10,280.

The temporal signal indicated in the last articles of February 2019 has correctly confirmed the bullish recovery of Dax Index: prices exchanges are following the 1X1 angle, starting from the base of the ascending corridor (red colored in the photo).

The initial acceleration had a period of reflection between last May and October. In fact, at that juncture, the German market was strongly contrasted and reversals of the swing chart occurred constantly.

The lateral phase ended with the expiry of the Minimum Square Temporal Set Up in October 2019.

In that month Dax Index has accelerated the upward directionality, reaching area 13,400 in December.

The first temporal signal of 2020 expires in January. The market has already indicated its willingness to overcross the top of January 2018 for reaching new absolute highs.

New price-time targets are at level 14,170 in March. Next resistances are in area 13.900.

A return below level 12,850 will indicate the return of the Index weakness with a new negative lateral dynamics. There are supports at level 12,800.

Medium and long term Dax Index analysis

financial market forecast
dax Index quarterly 01.23.2020

In this slide the bullish corridor of Dax Index is more visible: it is reaching the angular resistance at level 13.650.

Next resistances are in area 15.000.

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