Gold forecast today price trend analysis and trading signals 2022

Gold forecast today

Gold forecast today July August 2022 trend analysis

Gold forecasts today trend of the prices dynamics in the short and long term through the economic cycles of W.D. Gann.

Gold historical chart

gold forecast today
Gold price weekly

Short term gold forecast

From the weekly Set Up of March 18, 2022, the gold market initially started a lateral phase, alternating moments of positivity and negativity.

Subsequently, with the expiry of the temporal cycle of 22 April, the corrective trend of the yellow metal acquired greater strength.

With the formation of a bearish out-side, since the week of April 22, the prices have broken down the lower level of the trading range in the area of ​​$ 1,890 which coincided with the 1X4 ascending angular supports radiated by the purple software.

The prices in the weeks following the weekly Set Up continued until reaching a low of $ 1,787 on the 1X8 angular support radiated in blue color.

The new pull-back from the dynamic support has brought the prices back to the $ 1,879 area, close to the 1X8 descending angular resistances colored in blue.

Following the expiry of the Maximum Square in the week of June 17, prices resumed the downward phase.

In fact, in the following weeks, prices reached the area of ​​$ 1,710, where the previous lows of the week of 01 October 2021 and 13 August 2021 were performed.

The next expiring signals coincide with the weeks of 22-29 2022.

The current price area of ​​the gold market is very important, as a breach of the lows for the weeks of July 22-29 would indicate the start of a deeper correction, particularly if prices break below the bottom of 13 August last year.

While reaching $ 1,819 will indicate an upward recovery in the short term: resistance in the $ 1,880 area.

Gold forecast today: medium trend

gold price forecast 2022
gold price monthly

The Set Up of April 2022 clearly indicated the reversal of the trend on the gold market.

In fact, in the following months the prices returned to below the lower side of the ascending corridor radiated in yellow.

With the expiry of the temporal cycle of July, prices abandoned this last support to arrive on the 1X8 ascending and 1X2 descending angle at $ 1,707.

Potential static support has been generated in this area as the previous lows of August 2021 and March 2021 are visible.

August 2022 coincides with a new medium-term trading signal.

During this month we will be able to understand if this area will be the level of a future medium-term positive rebound or if the gold market will perform a major correction in the $ 1,560 area.

The bullish break of the July top in August will determine the start of a new propulsive phase that will push the prices of the yellow metal towards the first resistances in the $ 1,920 area.

Quarterly gold technical analysis

gold analysis technical
Gold price quarterly

The long-term trend is negative. Quotations reached important dynamic supports at the $ 1,700 levels.

The bullish break of the top of the third quarter, in the fourth quarter, will indicate the positive recovery of the gold dynamics in the long term.

Gold trading signals today

William Delbert Gann was one of the traders and investors to understand that the dynamics of Stock Market are not governed by external news, although they can generate momentary volatility.

Using a linear geometric mathematical model, he conceived a new scientific possibility to indicate a Stock Market trend.

In fact, the statesman understood how to calculate the Drift and the Variance Rate of a stock, correlating the two dimensions of the market, namely price and time.

With the discovery of dynamic and natural temporal cycles, he identified the areas where price and time cause the greatest changes to the trend of the listed stock.

The economist attributed to these time Pivots the name of Set Up, which we commonly call Stock Market signals.

The Top Trader© Stock Exchange software was created to correctly apply the Gann technique and is accessible through this blog.

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