S&P500 Index financial market forecasts and technical analysis


S&P500 Index financial market forecasts

S&p500 Index. Financial markets forecasts through W.D. Gann’s time cycles.

S&P500 Index
S&P500 Index november 2019

S&P 500 medium term financial markets forecast

S&P 500 American Index since March 2009 has established a bull-compaign with a strong performance propulsive force, that is the quotations have alternated within an ascending corridor determined by the 1X2 angles yellow colored on the slide.

The long and medium-term trend has had some ups and downs in particular in the second half of 2011, in the second half of 2015 and more recently in the second half of 2018.

The correction in the latter case was much steeper, with an acceleration angle four times its natural average. In December 2018, exchanges reached the base of the ascending corridor at an altitude of 2,346.58 points.

With the same acceleration corner, the S&P 500 Index is quickly returned on the upper part of the monthly ascending corridor, practically denying the attempt to break the current upward 10-year corridor.

As described in the last article, the S&P 500 Index has seen the expiration of an important time signal in September 2019.

During this time the market has concluded with quotations in inside on the upper median band of the corridor.

Last October there was confirmation of the bullish break in quotations compared to the top of August, that confirms the definitive upward trend recovery. Upcoming targets price/time at 3.267.

The return below 2.990 will indicate the birth of a new negative lateral phase. Supports at 3024; 2,918.

American Index quarterly analysis

s&p500 index forecast
s&p500 index quarterly november 2019

In this case, the bullish corridor formed at the base of the 1X1 Zero corner is clearly visible, while the current resistance of the American Index is constituted by the 1X1 corner of the fourth quarter 2011, which in the last three quarters is holding back the recovery.

The acceleration angle in this last phase of the year is very robust, the exchanges are marking a greater angle than the 2X1.

The upper part of the long-term corridor is the next target, that is area 3,470.

Therefore the return below 2.770 would indicate the denial of the current recovery. The supports remain the base of the corridor which in this latter part of the year is in area 2,800.

S&P 500 Index analysis using W.D. Gann technique was carried out thanks to the Top Trader© free software available on this blog.

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