Eur Jpy Forex forecasts today Euro Yen technical analysis October 2018


Eur Jpy Forex forecasts today Euro Yen technical analysis October 2018

Eur Jpy Forex forecasts today Euro Yen technical analysis until October 2018

Eur Jpy Forex forecasts today
euro yen monthly luglio 2018

Eur Jpy Forex forecasts today technical analysis: medium term

As indicated in the last report, the corrective force of May was blocked by the 1 X 1 ascending angular support relative to the minimum of April 2017.

Although the Euro has attempted in June a new upward phase, the 1 X 4 downward angular resistance has prevented the recovery, closing the single currency quotation in inside at 129.91.

July 2018 is very important and its course will show us the dynamic for the rest of the semester.

Euro Yen Forex Forecasts Today Technical Analysis:

Nowadays quotations prices remain again inside the June candle. Prices compression preludes to new directional phase starting in August.

The achievement of 132.40 will indicate the definitive recovery of the medium term uptrend phase.

First angular resistances at 131.80; 134.90.

If the single currency falls under 128.00 then we will see a new negative retracement at least until the next Set Up of October 2018. First dynamic supports at 128; 125,60.

Euro/Yen Forex Forecasts today technical analysis: long term

Forex forecasts
euro yen quarterly July 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, the Euro market continued its negative trend until it reached the 1 x 2 angular support at 124.58, from this point prices bounced up until close at 129.28.

The 1 X 4 descending resistances slowed down the propulsive force of the single currency. Only with the achievement of 124.90 and the positive conclusion of the third quarter the Euro will reabsorb the corrective forces in progress to open up positive scenarios at the end of the year. First resistances at 135.20; 141.

Otherwise the return below 124.25 will indicate the continuation of the negative phase towards new supports in area 120.

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