Euro Dollar trend forecasts Eur Usd technical analysis August 2018

Euro Forex Dollar forecasts

Euro Dollar trend forecasts Eur Usd technical analysis

Euro Dollar trend forecasts Eur Usd technical analysis using W.D.Gann’s cycles

Euro Dollar trend forecasts Eur Usd technical analysis: medium term

Euro Dollar trend forecasts Eur Usd technical analysis
euro dollar Monthly 07.2018

During the expiration of Minimum Square of June 2018 indicated in the last report, the European currency gave no indication of directionality because the quotations are closed in inside.

The downward force generated by the previous time cycles was braked partly from the 1 X 1 ascending corner and the Zero ascending corner-indicated in red in the slide- and partly from the bullish force generated by the Set Up of June.

The directional expectations will certainly be more satisfactory next August. July 2018 coincides with a Maximum Square and we are close to a second month of inside.

Therefore the first ascending or descending infraction in August compared with July candle will indicate if the single currency will resume the propulsive phase of the bull-campaign or if it will carry out a further corrective phase towards the descending corners: first supports 1.1340; 1.1180; 1.1090. First resistances at 1.2020; 1.21.

If the negative retracement will come below the level of 1.1475 already in July, then the medium term correction will continue towards the dynamic and static supports just indicated.


Euro/Dollar quarterly forecasts

Eur/usd forecasts today
euro dollar quarterly July 2018


As it is clearly visible in the slide just above, the descending corners from the historical maxima of the third quarter of 2008 and the fourth quarter of 2009 have rejected prices in the area below. The third attempt of bullish infraction is failed in the first quarter of 2018.

If a new psychological mass of investors will be able to bring back prices levels above 1.2445 then the market will be ready to break the carriers just described and to generate a new long term dynamic upward cycle. The Euro/Dollar analysis was carried out thanks to Top Trader©-Stock Exchange free software usable through the banners in this blog.