Oil price forecast and trend from today until October 2020

oil price forecast 2020

Oil price forecast today Quotations and trend

Oil price forecast today Quotations, trend and graphics using the temporal cycles of William Delbert Gann.

oil price forecast
crude oil weekly septembre 10 of 202

Oil price forecast today short term trend 

As it is evident in the Oil graphic just above, the violation of the apparently accumulative area formed by the triple minimum in the weeks of 7th June 2019, 8th September 2019 and 4th October 2019 has generated a violent corrective movement.

The negative weekly returns has been four times bigger than their natural Drift, as much as to bring below zero, only temporarily, the Future on crude oil quotations in the week of 24th April 2020.

The pull back has been equally violent as much as the positive acceleration of quotations has performed a similar angle of growth.

Since the week of 24th April 2020, the Future of Oil price starting from zero has reached 39,69$ in the week of last 5th June. This is the level of the first dynamic resistances.

In effects in the following weeks we have observed how the Oil dynamics has been lateral positive.

The short term signals of last 21-28 August have indicated the short term negative reversal in the first week of September.

The first angular supports are at 39,44$ and the following ones are at 20,34$ on their natural drift, radiated in the photo in red.

Next weekly Set Up will be 18-25 September. Only the return above 43,90$ will restore a new positive phase with first resistances at 48,11$.

Medium term Oil trend 

oil price forecast
crude oil monthly september 2020

In the monthly time frame it is shown how the propulsive force of the pull back, started last May, has start to decelerate since last June, with the cross of the 1X1 descending angle (red colored on the slide).

In the following months the monthly returns has recorded a further reduction following the Zero angular resistance concurrently of the top of August 2013, radiated in purple in the photo just above.

In effects, both in last July and August, Oil prices have reached some very close maximum levels, 42,40$  and 43,78$.

In the previous reports, we had forecast this area of potential reverse.

The next monthly Set Up expires in September 2020.

In the first days of this important signal, we have observed the beginning of a reversal which has as potential supports 33,18$; 30,40$.

Only the return above 44,10$ will restore a new positive trend: angular resistance at 46$; 50$.

Long term crude Oil trend 

oil price analysis
crude oil quarterly september 2020

Although Oil has restored a relative positivity in the long term, some significant ascending and descending resistances will obstacle prices growth in the next quarterlies.

The trend will remain lateral for a very long time until the resistances in area 54$ will ultimately break upwards.

Growth potential until 49,50$ area, supports: 28,65$; 10$.

This report of cyclical analysis with Gann’s technique has been realized thanks to Top Trader© Stock Exchange software. 

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